Typical Open Water (beginning) Class Details:

Step 1 - Sign up / Pay for course

  • Classes are on our calendar for public classes
  • Private classes get to work with us on dates and times workable for both parties

Step 2 - Do the academics

  • Most people do the course online after being issued a code and link
  • Academics can also be done with a DVD.
  • Academics are done at home, on your schedule. The only exceptions are scuba camps we hold in the summer and for the boy scouts.

Step 3 - Fill out the online schedule forms to set up the actual 'wet' part of your course

  • Fill out the online schedule form that tells us what weekend, dates, you are coming in to do your class. This is the ONLY way you get scheduled for class. You must fill out this form any time after signing up.
  • Fill out the online rental form that tells us your size for gear and what day/time you are coming in for all the gear you are going to use during class. This is either the afternoon before or the morning of the heated pool session.

Step 4 - Show up for gearing up.

  • Gearing up includes taking a post test (You can't fail it if you did your homework)
  • Doing numerous forms
  • Purchasing basic gear option
  • Collecting all the scuba gear you will be using during class (You take it with you and return on Sunday)
  • Instruction on how to assemble it.

Step 5 - Show up for pool session.

  • This is generally at 4pm on Friday, at the SHOP, not pool.
  • After going over and getting directions to the pool and details for the upcoming dives Saturday and Sunday, we head over to the pool about 10 minutes away.

Step 6 - Open Water Dives!

  • Next morning, Saturday, you meet at a predesignated location, and once everyone is there, we sign in to the dive site.
  • We do 2 dives a day
  • Same routine for Sunday except upon completion of dives, everyone returns to the dive shop to return, clean and hangup all rental gear.
  • Most importantly, remember to pick up your certification card !

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