Prices for Classes

Prices by Catagory of Classes & Scuba Services
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All of our Open Water Classes (Standard, Premium, Group and Private) include the dive site fees!

Private Open Water Class $999

Private for Two to Four Open Water Class
2 to 4 Private Open Water

Premium Open Water Class

Group Pricing for Open Water Class
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Scheduled/Standard Open Water Class
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Advanced, Rescue, CPR

Referral Dives (Finished Pool)
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Refresher Class

Guided Dives

Try Scuba Diving in Florida

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Guided Dives 2 Divers

Specialty 1 x

Demo CCR Day
Wear a Rebreather! Try it out!

Demo Tech Day
Try Technical Diving in Doubles and/or Sidemount

Specialty 2 x

Technical Diver Classes

Gas Blender Classes
VIP Inspector

Public Safety Diver (ERDI) Classes

Contact us for group rates (2 or more in your group)

Cavern & Cave Classes

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SDI Staff Instructor Training

U352 North Carolina Dive - August 28-29, 2021
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Whale Shark Dive, February 2022 - $375

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For Instructor Training:

For Open Water Instructor, the cost is $1499,
plus the IE $399, plus materials: $699

For ERDI, the cost is $1499
plus materials: $129

Private Instructor classes (all levels) are available.

For ERDI and OW Specialties, its the cost of the
Diver course

For any TDI Technical or Cave IInstructor Course,
the cost is 2 times the cost of the Diver price.
For example, Cavern Instructor cost would be
2 x $379 = $758.00


Use this section to pay for or make a deposit on a class, guided dive, or discover scuba. Enter a brief desciption below and after pressing button, you will be asked for an amount, usually $50 for a deposit, or full amount for a special or discounted class.

Description of Deposit

Cave and Technical Class Deposit:

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Discounts and payment options available for single or multiple classes and certifications

We have tried to put all the possible options on this easy to pay page, but if you have any questions or other ideas, please feel free to contact us!

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