Tank Service Prices - VIP & Hydros
Tank Visual Inspection & Hydrostatic Tests

Keeping your dive equipment in top working order is essential, and tanks are no exception to this.

There are 2 tests tanks need to undergo to:

* Visual Inspection Procedure (VIP) - Due every year. These are usually completed within 1-3 working days.

* Hydrostatic Inspection (Hydro) - Due every five years. We can complete hydros within 5-10 working days.

VIP & Hydros & Cleaning of Tanks
VIP & Air Fill $19.00
VIP & Nitrox Fill $25.00
Hydro, VIP & Air Fill on Aluminum Tank
Hydro, VIP & Nitrox Fill on Aluminum Tank

Steel Hydro Pricing
Hydro, VIP & Air Fill on Steel Tank (Includes tumbling & anti rust treatment)
Hydro, VIP & Nitrox Fill on Steel Tank (Includes tumbling, O2 cleaning & anti rust treatment) $65.00

Special Servies
Cylinder Tumble
$25.00 + fill
O2 Clean cylinder $25.00 + fill
Valve Rebuild $20.00 + fill
Dissasembly and reassembly Double Tanks for Hydro $25 (Surcharge)

We have a state of the art service center with all the necessary equipment to fully test and service your gear.