Veterans Program

Dayo Scuba VA GI BILL benefits

Our VA program enables veterans to use their GI Bill benefits to learn to dive, continue their SCUBA education, or become a dive industry professional. This program offers 18 different VA-approved certifications and professional-level licenses. These programs cover a range of courses, including beginner scuba diving education, technical and public safety diving, instructor courses, and more.

For Veterans

Am I eligible to enroll? We encourage you to confirm your eligibility for this program with the Department of Veteran Affairs Regional Office or local VA Assistance Offices prior to committing to a course. Eligibility is based on Chapters 30, 32, 33 ,35, and 1606. These licenses and exams should deduct portions of months based on the dollar amount of the course taken. You should confirm eligibility, time left and benefit level with your VA representative. Each veteran has a different situation so confirming with the VA before starting is the best scenario to confirm eligibility and reimbursement.

What licenses and certifications are offered?

Currently there are 18 VA-approved programs available through International Training (17 from Dayo Scuba). You may see a list of all the certification and licensing programs available here (below).

How do I sign up?

1. Contact us to sign up for one or more of our VA Approved programs.

2. Pay for the program(s) you have selected. Make sure you retain your proof of purchase/receipt. You will need those in order to be reimbursed.

3. Complete your training.

4. Submit VA Form 22-0803 (use the pre-filled forms for each course to avoid mistakes). See section below for instructions to streamline the paperwork process. The VA will process your form and issue reimbursement once approved. You MUST have your proof of purchase/receipt.

Can you help me with the required paperwork?

You will need to fill out VA Form 22-0803 and upload it to the VA website through Ask VA along with all supporting materials, or mail it to your regional VA processing office for reimbursement.

It is important that all required items are included. To make this process easier, we have pre-filled portions of the form according to each of our programs. You can find a .pdf of the form for your selected program at .

The VA's information page:

VA-Approved Programs Available

1. SDI Basic Scuba $1000
a. Open Water Diver
b. Nitrox Course

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

2. SDI Full Advanced Diver $1500
a. Deep Diver
b. Navigation
c. Night Diver

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

3. SDI Rescue Diver $1500
a. Rescue Diver
b. CPR
c. Oxygen Administration
d. Bloodborne Pathogens
e. Airborne Pathogens

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

4. Fill Station Attendant $2000
a. VIP (Visual Inspection Program) Inspector
b. Air Fill Technician
c. Nitrox Blender
d. Advanced Blender
e. Equipment Technician
f. O2 Service Technician

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

5. TDI Technical Diver 1 $2000
a. Advanced Nitrox Diver
b. Decompression (deco) Procedures Diver

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

6. TDI Technical Diver 2 $2000
a. Normoxic Trimix Diver

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

7. TDI Technical Diver 3 (CCR) $2000
a. Air Diluent CCR

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

8. ERDI Mod 1 $1500
a. Tender Technician
b. ERD 1

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

9. ERDI Mod 2 $1000
a. ERDI 2

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

10. ERDI Required Special Equipment Use $1000
a. Drysuit Diver
b. Full Face Mask Diver

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

Professional Licenses

* All our professional scuba licenses are for AVOCATIONAL purposes.

1. SDI Divemaster Course $1500

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

2. SDI Assistant Instructor Course $1500

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

3. SDI Instructor Course $2000

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

4. SDI Course Director $2000

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

5. TDI Instructor $2000

Dayo Scuba VA Program - GI BILL

Who to contact at Dayo Scuba?

Tom Johnson at or text/phone at 321-663-0203

Denise Byrne at or text/phone 321-662-3090

Use any of our social media sites (listed below)

Any Financing Available?

Yes, we are supported by Synchrony Financial Sport Outdoor. Just ask one of us for more information.