Nitrox Blender - Technical Divers

This course provides the training required to allow candidates to competently and safely blend Nitrox gas. Students will learn the proper techniques, equipment requirements and hazards involved in blending Nitrox gases for recreational scuba diving.

Agencies we teach for:

Course Cost:
See Prices Page

This includes your TDI Nitrox Blender study guide, training, a wall certificate, and your certification card.

Gear you need to provide:
None, as this is a non diving course!

What the course entails:
The TDI Nitrox Blender Course course consists of academics, and a practical hands on session at the Dayo Scuba fill station.

How we teach it:
There are two parts, the academics and the hands on training.


The academics are done mostly at home from your TDI Nitrox Blender study guide. This guide is very well structured, a very informative learning tool, and an excellent alternative to multiple day or evening lectures. Some topics covered are:

* Responsibilities of the Gas Blender.

* Gases used in Scuba Diving

* Oxygen Handling

* Gas Production Equipment

* Mixing Techniques

* Oxygen Analysis

When you meet with your Instructor he/she will review the academics and you will complete a written test. You need to achieve at least 80% on your written test to pass.

Hands on Training
In order to complete this course, students must:
* Candidates must successfully blend and analyze a minimum of 5 Nitrox cylinders.

* Satisfactorily complete the TDI Nitrox Blender written examination.

* Demonstrate proficiency in blending and analysis of Nitrox gases.

It should be noted that participation in the Nitrox Blender training does not guarantee certification. Each student must do the required number of skills and demonstrate that they are comfortable with blending and analyzing a range of scuba gasses before they receive their certification card.

After successful completion of your academics and work shop training, you will be awarded your certification as an Nitrox Blender.

Age requirements:
You must be at least 18 years old to receive an Nitrox Blender certification, there is no maximum age.

Minimum number of students per class:
We need 2 or more people to make an Nitrox Blender class; private, one-on-one classes can be organized for a separate fee.

How many people are in each class?
Our Nitrox Blender classes range in size, from 1-4 students.

Schedule/Timing for Nitrox Blender Courses:
We train all the time, and have multiple instructors on staff, many full time, so we do weekday and weekend classes.

Call us or check out our Calendar for dates of upcoming courses.

How long does the course take?
The academics usually take a half day to a full day, and another half day (morning/afternoon) for the practical session.

Where we do our course:
We train Nitrox Blenders at the Dayo Scuba training center.

Prerequisites for Course:
* Before participating in the TDI Nitrox Blender Course, you will be required to fill out a standard liability release form.

* You must be affiliated with an organization that has a high pressure air compressor and fill station.

* You must be a minimum age of eighteen.

What you can do afterwards:
* Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to blend Nitrox gases without direct supervision.

* You can also continue your training with specialty dives or other non diving courses (eg the SDI VIP course or the TDI O2 Technician course.

* The TDI Advanced Gas Blender is a common follow up to this course.