Service of Regulators and BCDs at Dayo Scuba

To extend the life of your equipment and to minimize the chance of diving accidents, it is critical that your scuba equipment be in top working order for every dive.

Dayo Scuba has a longstanding reputation for quality repairs and affordable pricing on scuba gear service. All of our technicians are factory trained. and all servicing is performed according to manufacturer's specifications using annual service kits and approved parts provided by the appropriate manufacturer.

Regulators should be serviced every 12 months, per the manufacturer's recommendations. This annual service should still be followed even if the regulator has only been on "a few" dives since it's last service. Prolonged or improper storage can still result in internal corrosion and/or deterioration of O-ring seals.

An annual service includes a complete disassembly, sonic cleaning of all metal parts, inspection and cleaning of all internal components, lubing and reassembling the regulator's first stage, second stage and alternate air source. Your regulator is then cycled multiple times to assure proper seating of the internal components. After this settling period, it will be fine-tuned and adjusted to manufacturers specifications on our highly sophisticated flow bench.

We advise customers to plan for a 2 week turn-around time for your regulator annual service. Often the work is completed in less time, but we ask that you allow for 2 weeks in case we need to order special parts to get your gear working as good as new.

DO NOT ever attempt to perform any disassembly or service of your regulator. This will void any warranty you may have on your equipment.

You should also get your BCD serviced annually to ensure there are no leaks and that your inflator and dump mechanisms are in proper working order. Our technicians also repair/replace the inner components of the power inflator on an annual service as necessary.

Dayo Scuba guarantees all replaced parts to be free of defects for one year from the date of service. If for any reason your equipment does not perform to your satisfaction, we will re-adjust or service your equipment at no additional charge.

Dayo Scuba Service Pricing:

Annual Service on Entire Regulator (First stage, second stage & Octo): $65.00 + parts


Annual Service on Regulator First stage and 1 second stage only: $50.00 + parts*

Annual Service on Octo only (ie. Air source): $25.00 + parts*

BC Service: $25.00 + parts

Bench Test Only: $20.00

* Part prices vary according to manufacturer. The average cost for parts, for the full regulator set, is $68. Obviously, if you are servicing less than that, parts costs go down.