Dayo Scuba's Gas Fill Prices

We run our breathing gasses through our compressor and three (3) high quality filters. Only one (1) is required, but we seek to ensure we only fill with the cleanest gas possible. Our compressors are maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

We bank Nitrox 32% but can fill to any mix requested. Allow 24 hours for filling custom mixes.

Our Oxygen is of Grade ABO (Aviators Breathing Oxygen)

Our Helium is of Grade UHP (Ultra High Purity - 99.999%.

Gas Prices
Nitrox 26% - 40% - up to 100 cuft ( LP85 & HP100 )
Nitrox 26% - 40% - tanks over (not including) 100 cuft
Fill Card ($120 value, that'ss 20 air fills or 10 nitrox fills)
Custom Fills (Nitrox or Trimix)
$5.00+O2 and/or He
Oxygen (per cubic foot)
$0.50 / cuft
Helium (per cubic foot)
$1.75 / cuft

We have a drive up fill station (the only one in Orlando) and extensive bank system, and can normally do Air & NItrox 32% fills while you wait.

Dayo Scuba Fill Policy

* You must provide documentation that you are a certified diver in order to fill a SCUBA cylinder. Additional certifications are required for Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen fills.

* All fills other than air must be personally analyzed by the customer with the actual analysis and maximum operating depth marked on the tank by the diver.

* Cylinders receiving a gas containing greater than 40% oxygen must be rated for oxygen service.

* All cylinders to be filled must have had a valid visual inspection in the last year and a hydro-static test within the last five years.

* Due to notices from manufacturers regarding cylinder failures, we will not service or fill ANY aluminum cylinders produced before 1990.

* Customers are welcome to drop off tanks, to be filled & picked up on a later date. Tanks not picked up after 30 days will be sold off to help recover fill costs. Don't abandon your tanks!

* Tanks with returning pressure below 500psi will require a VIP inspection ($15)