Advanced Water Diver Course with Dayo Scuba

This is a common follow up to the Open Water Course. The Advanced Open Water Course is an experience based, fun program where you gain a range of additional experience and skills under the direct guidance of a dive instructor. It fine tunes your dive skills, equipment and knowledge to help you plan & execute deeper (up to 130 feet/40 meters) dives in more challenging environments. You will have new experiences, learn new skills, and expand your diving limits.

Advanced Open Water, Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida

Throughout your advanced open water course, you will do several specialty dives, in order to expand your diving knowledge, experience and limits. Students must do one deep dive (60-100 feet), a navigation dive and a peak buoyancy dive; the others dives are chosen depending on dive site and student preference and can include drift, night/limited visibility, fish identification, underwater photography, wreck, drift or search and recovery dives.

There are two parts to the advanced course, the academics and the water sessions/dives:

* The academics are done at home from your Advanced Open Water Manual, at your own pace. The manual is well structured, and a very informative learning tool, and an excellent alternative to multiple day or evening lectures. Students normally take 6-8 hours to work through the Advanced Open Water academics.

* For the in-water training, you will do at least 5 specialty dives, aimed to introduce different types of diving, over 2 days.

Advanced Open Water class at Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida

Some other vital skills we will practice throughout the Advanced Open Water Course include:

* Leadership skills: you will be the leader on most of your advanced dives….a good dive leader makes a better diver.

* Understanding and application of good navigation/compass skills

* Trim and good buoyancy

* Better use of your dive computer/tables

After successful completion of your academics and the required number of dives & skills, you will awarded your certification as an Advanced Open Water Diver!

Advanced Open Water, Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida

Schedule and Course Fees:

For scheduling we run both private & public Advanced Open Water Classes. For Private (1 person) and Semi-private (2 people) classes we organize the 2 days diving around your schedule.

For the public classes we run 1-2 Advanced classes per month, over a weekend (Saturday & Sunday. Check out our calendar and schedule of available dates by click here.

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Age requirements:

You must be at least 15 years old to receive an Advanced Open Water Diver certification; there is no maximum age. Those aged 10-14 can enroll in the Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certification, which means they must dive with a certified adult until their 15th birthday.

Advanced Open Water class at Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida

Notes on our Advanced Course:

* It is highly recommended that you do the Nitrox Course in conjunction with their Advanced Course as you will be using Nitrox on most your advanced dives in the future.

* We use at least two different dive sites when training our Advanced Open Water Divers. The first day is the "shallow" day at one of the local springs, lakes or beaches. Day 2 is typically in the ocean (conditions allowing) off a charter boat. .

* Our course fee covers the academic material, dive training and your certification card. To enroll in the Advanced Open Water course you will need to have your own basic gear (mask, fins, booties, and snorkel), a dive computer, compass, SMB and spool/reel. Scuba gear (BCD, regulator, wetsuit and tanks) are available for rental; and at a reduced for alumni. Not included in our course fee is gear rental, transportation and dive site fees (a few dollars for the springs/lake, and up to $75 for the boat trip).

Advanced Open Water, Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida