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Why train with us?

At Dayo Scuba, our staff is well trained and experienced in many aspects of scuba diving. Our instructors are not just recreational divers. They have a wide range of experience in technical, cave and some in public safety diving. Some are active cave and wreck explorers. We have years of experience teaching at all levels of diving from the basic open water diver to cave and technical diving instructors.

Who do you want to instruct you? Some people might say the cheapest person, but everyone really wants someone that's experienced and committed to their profession of providing you with all the knowledge and skills needed to be a good diver. We have made some very good divers over the years. We are proud of that but also about the fact that we insure every diver that comes through Dayo learns what they must to pass their class. We don't fail students. If someone doesn't finish a class, they can come back and repeat it until they do. Not everyone needs more time, but the ones that really want to obtain that certification come back and many of those people are exceptional divers today.

Agencies we teach for, all have high standards. At Dayo Scuba those are our minimum standards. We teach to our higher standard in all our classes. That won't change. Expect quality and thorough training from us.

We cover topics not in the manuals like conservation and etiquette. We try our best to transfer all our scuba knowledge and experience to our divers.

We are very active scuba, cave and technical divers in Orlando and Central Florida, diving nearly every day of the week. This is a full time occupation (and we enjoy it) for the key instructors at Dayo Scuba. We still dive for fun and are actively involved in exploration projects.

PICTURES! An added but awesome bonus is that we record every class and every dive trip with pictures and video clips; Everytime!

About us at Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida
Denise Byrne

I was born in a small town called Clonmel, in the midlands of Ireland. Like most small towns of Ireland, it was very green, mountainous and had very little water…..

Bitten by the water bug from beach visits as a kid, I set about becoming scuba certified and trying to spend as much time as I could underwatr (not an easy task to do in Ireland!).

I learned to dive in college as part of my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology, and later worked as an Aquarium Supervisor in a small aquarium on the west coast of Ireland. As soon as started diving, it quickly became my focus in life. I spent my weekends and any other free time diving and helping out at my local dive store. My Divemaster training gave me an insight into how much I loved working with new divers, and showing people the underwater world.

Due to the adverse weather conditions in Ireland (cold, wind, rain, and often sleet!), the dive season is limited from April to September. I planned and went on over seas trips to break the monotony of the long winter season. My favorite was the Florida Keys, and over my many trips, I came in contact with a broader scale of diving enthusiasts and knowledge. I met a fellow Irish diver, who was a "Cave Diver". I had already had an interest in this aspect of diving, but his recounts of hundreds of feet of visibility and gliding effortlessly through water filled passages fascinated me. Back in Ireland cave diving was unheard of, the caves there were deep, inaccessible and cold, why would anyone want to go in there? Training was unavailable; my own instructor shuddered at the thought of it. So I planned a trip to Florida, the mecca of cave diving, and enrolled in a cavern and introductory cave course, by the end of which, I was hooked! I realized instantly that I would be making a lifestyle change again.

I returned home after my vacation, but soon returned to Florida to pursue more cave diving, as I could not get enough of it. I began to intern as a diving instructor, allowing me to spend all my time in the water. Later again, I became a cave and technical instructor, and still diving all the time.

Running a scuba diving business out of Orlando is a lifestyle choice that keeps me busy and always in the water. I train open water divers, technical and cave divers year round. I also help to manage this forum that provides people an option to cyberdive when not in the water. When not training, I dive throughout Florida and beyond. My upcoming plans for foreign travel include Alaska & Galapagos.

I enjoy spending as much time as I can in and around the water, and enjoy getting to and diving in new destinations. As a marine biologist I want to dive and appreciate the coral reefs I haven't seen throughout the rest of the world. I love photography and am constantly striving to take photos to teach others about our beautiful underwater world. My other hobbies include kayaking, hiking and my cats.

SDI & TDI Instructor Trainer & Evaluator (OW, Cave & Technical) #13415

Divemaster, Instructor Candidate


James Curley Dayo Scuba Center LLC Orlando, Florida
James Curley
Divemaster Candidate

Hello Dayo Family!  When I moved to Florida I wanted to find a hobby that was unique to this state and area.  After open water class I quickly knew diving was what I wanted to do all the time.  I will happily dive wherever with whoever as long as I'm under the water.  Diving is a release from the stresses of life for me. You can't beat the sense of adventure jumping into the wonderful waters all around Florida.

Buzz_Meyers Dayo Scuba Center LLC
Buzz Myers
Divemaster Candidate



TJ Tom Johnson Dayo Scuba North
Thomas L Johnson aka TJ

TJ was the founder of Dayo Scuba. He got his start with diving while stationed in the US Army, in Greece back in 1981 and 1982, but it was later, in the 90s that he really started diving more often. Because of his passion with scuba diving, one thing led to another and he became a scuba instructor. At the same time he pursued his education and experience doing more extreme diving such as technical and cave diving. Years later, he now teaches about anything cave, technical and public safety diving, including instructors. All instructors at Dayo Scuba are his (and Denise's) finest prodegies! His hobbies these days are surveying caves, deep wreck diving, flying, building, gunsmithing, boating and kayaking. You can find him mostly at Dayo Scuba North which is in North Florida and close to the caves he loves to teach in.

Certifications/Agencies: SDI, TDI & ERDI Instructor Trainer & Evaluator (OW, PSD, Cave & Technical) #3297, IANTD #6514.

About us at Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida
Chris Leavitt
SDI/TDI Instructor,
Technical and Full Cave Diver
Haines City, FL
Hobbies: Cave diving with DPV (Scooters), ocean diving, and WORK (Aghhhh)...

James Jim Franks Dayo Scuba Center LLC, Orlando Florida
Jim Franks
SDI & TDI Instructor

Hi my name is Jim. I have always enjoyed being around the water. This dates back to my days as a submariner in the Navy. I love helping people experience this wonderful world under the water. My favorite dive spot is Blue Heron Bridge. I enjoy the diverse sea life of this gem.

About us at Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida
Donald Lee Wuerz, Jr (Chip)
IANTD & TDI Advanced Trimix,
CCR Instructor
Orlando, Florida
Hobbies: CCRs, learning to teach even more CCRs.

Kenneth Ken Yelvington Dayo Scuba Center LLC Orlando, Florida
Ken Yelvington
Divemaster & Instructor Candidate (almost done!)

I was certified as an open water diver in 2012. After a few open water dives, I found that I wanted to develop more diving skills. Computer Nitrox, Advance Adventure Diver, started me on my way to where I am today...

I completed my Dive Master program through DAYO Scuba in September of 2015 to advance my training. Today, after retiring from my day job, I'm training as an Open Water Diving Instructor to share my passion for diving.

Marc and Kelley Sejut Dayo Scuba Center LLC Orlando, Florida USA
Kelley and Marc Sejut
Dayo Divers Family!

About us at Dayo Scuba Orlando Florida
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